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South African Music Awards Record of the Year Winners, Blaq Diamond has the ability to make the old and the new co-exist through their music which is a fusion of Maskandi, Mbube sounds and Afro-pop. Their two albums, Inqola and Umuthi have songs that have topped the South African charts in both radio and digital platforms

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With over ten years experience as a Dj, Miss Pru was the first South African female Dj to win the Best Music Video category at the 23rd annual South African Music Awards. The Ameni hitmaker also holds a Metro fm Award and SAHHA awards. Miss Pru dedicates her music experience to helping young up and coming artists.

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Manny Yack’s open letter to his father

Johannesburg- Zakrim “Manny Yack” Phiri is Ambitiouz Entertainment’s shining star who’s rise to stardom was accelerated by the sad reality of growing up without a father. It is been said that one should channel their pain for good, Manny Yack did just that. He took his pain and redirected it as a driving force to make a success of his natural born talent. Brought up by a single mother made Manny Yack question a lot of things, thus he decided to pen down an open letter about his personal ...

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Kid Tini liberates Hip Hop with his debut album

Johannesburg- Kid Tini’s three years of blood and sweat finally pays off as he releases his much-anticipated debut album, “The Second Coming”. This comes after Kid Tini and Ambitiouz Entertainment made an announcement that the best Hip Hop album 2020 has ever seen was about to be released. The 16-track album has been available for pre-order since Monday, 14 December 2020. Debuting at number one on Friday, 18 December proves how awaited this album was.

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Summer belongs to Blaq Diamond - Healing for the country

Johannesburg- We are right within summer, and what better way to welcome it than, the Blaq Diamond way- with a bang! It is time to put on dancing shoes, get wild and forget about problems with some good time vibes and healing, courtesy of the Ladysmith boys. The award-winning duo has released another summer hit titled ‘SummerYoMuthi’. Like all their tracks, fans fell in love with the song within....

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Kid Tini saves Sbahle from being Kidnapped

Kid Tini is known for releasing music videos that tell compelling true stories that spark uncomfortable conversations. This time around, the rapper takes it upon himself to address matters such as organised and hidden crimes like human trafficking in his latest music video for his Gospel Hip-Hop song, Amen, featuring Sbahle.

The music video that was released on Friday, 13 November 2020 narrates an emotional journey

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Lesotho born rapper runs the streets of SA

Johannesburg- Ambitiouz Entertainment is known for signing artists who embrace their native languages, and now the label proves that crossing boarders to sign Lesotho-born rapper, Malome Vector was not a mistake because he has South African rappers feeling the heat and the fans eating of out if the palm of his hand.

With his debut single, Dumelang still doing amazing, Malome Vector releases his second single dubbed ‘Follow’ in which he basically calls himself a trendsetter and everyone follows him...

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Wedding Bells for songstress Cici

Johannesburg- We are fast approaching that time of the year where two shall become one- wedding season. Singer, writer and performer Cici makes sure that it all happens in style with a song every member of the family can jam to. In her much-anticipated song titled Hamba Naye released on Friday, 23 October, the singer affirms her undying love for someone close to her heart.

Hamba Naye is a radio-friendly summer track which aims at celebrating all kinds of love.

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A Warm Welcome For DR. Mavibes

Johannesburg- There is a new kid on the block, he brings good vibes only, and he has already won hearts of many with his debut single titled Umlilo which is currently causing damage in the music scene. Dr MaVibes is the name, and he is one of Ambitiouz Entertainment’s latest signee who hails all the way from Ladysmith, KZN. He sure made a grand entrance that will remain in the heads and hearts of many.

As his way of introducing himself, the Hip Hop DJ released a fire song dubbed ...

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Kid Tini deals with trolls lyrically and he is winning

Johannesburg- Inja ivukile for real and heat is felt all over with no break to catch a breath. After letting it be known that those who try to mess with him Bazolimala, Kid Tini comes back with another warning anthem, this time titled Delela. In this fire joint, the New School Bully features one of the hottest MCs, Kwesta DaKAR.

Delela translates to disrespect in English, thus with this joint Tini addresses and reprimands the haters AGAIN after doing so a week ago with...

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“’s such an amazing pleasure to deal with you guys, really a pleasure” 

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“Ambitiouz is a family to myself and many other promoters. How they handle the relationship with us is just amazing. I love them”

-Mabhodo, Promoter, Middleburg. MP

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-Big Daddy, Potchefstroom Promoter

“The stuff is so professional and always willing to assist. I was very happy in the manner in which the artists conducted themselves, they arrived on time and delivered. I highly recommend Ambitiouz."

-Likhona Sukume, Director of Malisukume Media

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