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The SAMA nominee got the opportunity to perform the single at the opening announcement nominations party. Currently, Sjava has been nominated at the BET International Awards for Viewers’ Choice Best International Act category

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In 2017 Spring, saw the release of Emtee’s sophomore album titled Manando which became the number one selling album in the country on the first day of its release.

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We are home to Emtee, DJ Citi Lyts, Miss Pru DJ, Sjava, Saudi, Neo, La Sauce, KLY, Kid Tini, Blaq Diamond, Kraizie, Lisa, Cici, Londie London, S’Villa, Gigi Lamayne and many more...


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“...it’s such an amazing pleasure to deal with you guys, really a pleasure” 

-Sizwe Nzimande, Motsepe Foundation

“Ambitiouz is a family to myself and many other promoters. How they handle the relationship with us is just amazing. I love them”

-Mabhodo, Promoter, Middleburg. MP

“Good artists in their stable, the best in the game. Good with promoters and flexible”

-Big Daddy, Potchefstroom Promoter

Thank you very much. Sjava was exceptional and the people were happy to see Suadi as well. Thank you it was a pleasure doing business with you

-  VMC Promoter

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Tel: 087 985 0309 | Email: info@ambitiouz.co.za

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